This website is intended to chart my progress of the training that i am following. Also to teach the basics of making a website in HTML and eventually to present me and my skills to possible employer(s)

This training is provided by Ton Mertens, Chairman/Instructor of Stichting Komp-U-Ter-Hulp located in Den Haag, The Netherlands

The Training

This training is provided by a non-profit organisation. This project exists since januari 2003. It is intended for people that want to seperate themselves from the grey mediocracy. The right combination of education (challenging and stimulating) and student (motivated) is only to be found in these kind of selective educations.

How does it work?

Well, it's an intense 1 on 1 training course wich lasts for about 3 months. At the start of this training you'll be given a complete curriculum in HTML, to be used to build up your website. Once that is done, you'll be following that curriculum and each time you finish a subject or task you will process it to your website.